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    ? ? 上善若水、杞梓之林:上林裝飾于二00二年成立,專業從事辦公室、會所酒店、商業空間、別墅樣板房的室內設計及施工服務,為珠海最頂級的室內設計機構之一。
    ? ? 公司擁有極其強大的設計團隊,能嫻熟駕馭設計潮流和未來設計趨勢前瞻性研究,將空間的功能需求、藝術美感、自然效果發揮到極致,把創意理念、優雅品味、合理便捷融入到設計的每個細節,以卓越的管理及睿智創意的設計服務客戶。
    ? ? 逾十六年,上林人通過不懈的努力為客戶提供最完善的設計施工服務,將震撼的創意設計與精湛成熟的工藝完美結合,項目管理實施過程中完善的監理及跟蹤服務力圖精美絕倫,系統科學的工程管理及精雕細琢的工藝只為鑄就室內的百年工程。

    ? ? ?Shanglin decoration was established in 2002. It specializes in interior design and construction of office, club hotel, commercial space and villa model rooms. It is one of the top interior design institutions in Zhuhai.
    ? ? The company has a very strong design team, skillfully control the design trend and future design trend forward-looking research, will space functional needs, artistic beauty, natural effects to the extreme, the creative concept, elegant taste, reasonable and convenient into every detail of the design, with excellent management and wise creative design. To serve customers.
    ? ? Over the past sixteen years, Shanglin people have made unremitting efforts to provide customers with the most perfect design and construction services. They have perfectly combined the shocking creative design with the exquisite and mature technology. The perfect supervision and tracking services during the implementation of project management are striving for exquisite excellence.?A hundred years of indoor engineering.